Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Daniel Chan

Name : Daniel Chan Hiu Tung
Country : Hong Kong
Profession : Singer / Actor
Date Of Birth : 3rd September 1975
Height : 180cm

Started his singing career in 1993 and later on also ventured into acting. He has starred in several movies and a few dramas. His popularity in Hong Kong started to fade in the late 90s which prompted him to seek his fortune in China. Today he is engaged to an artist management company in China and acting in China's productions.
Daniel is a devout Buddhist. His belief in Buddhism was very much influenced by his family espeically his mother who is a pious Buddhist. Daniel said that being an ambassador for UNICEF, he had had many opportunities to travel the world and had see man tragedies and sufferings in these places. This has made him to ponder about humanity and significance of life. He started to study more more Buddhism to get the answers and to find peace within himself. He likes to read stories on Buddhism and also listening to Buddhist songs and has mentioned that he has plan to go into Buddhist music when he was ready to do so.