Little Monk Goes Viral

A little child dressed up as a monk in Fuzhou China has gone viral on Weibo

Robot Monk Unveiled In China

A buddhist temple, Dragon Spring Temple in Beijing, China has developed a robot monk named "XianEr" which was unveiled at the temple's National Day Gala celebration earlier this mont

Steven Seagal To Rebuild Buddhist Temple In Serbia

Steven Seagal Wants To Rebuild Europe's First Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Story - The Dog And The Pet Shop Owner

About A Dog And His Master, A Pet Shop Owner

Get Rid Of Bad Luck

Japanese Style

Friday, July 20, 2012

Huang Teng Hao

Name : Huang Teng Hao
English Name : Tender
Nationality : Taiwan
Date Of Birth : 19th February 1979
Height : 182cm
Profession : Actor

Friday, July 6, 2012

Three Monks And Water

Eventhough the following videos were produced in China but you don't need to know Chinese to understand and grasp the messages in these videos because there is no dialog used at all. There are just 2 Simple and yet nice to watch videos. Enjoy them !.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Photos - Life At Longwu Temple, Qinghai

A Tibetan monk walks in Longwu Temple, one of the oldest temple in China

Tibetan people receive blessings from monks during a religious ceremony

A Tibetan woman prays whilst carrying her granddaughter on her back

A Tibetan baby, held by his mother, cries as he receives blessing during a religious ceremony

A three-year-old Tibetan boy prays during a religious ceremony

A Tibetan monk dispenses food to local people

Some monks enjoy their breakfast in the morning sunshine

A novice Tibetan monk pauses during a prayer meeting

A novice Tibetan monk

Tibetan monks interact during a Buddhist lecture

A Tibetan monk makes lunch with a simple solar energy stove