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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monk Films Naked Women

A CAMBODIAN court charged a Buddhist monk yesterday for secretly filming hundreds of women as they bathed naked with holy water at a temple and then sharing the clips.

Net Khai, 37, faces up to a year in jail after being charged with "producing and distributing pornographic images'' by Phnom Penh Municipal Court, prosecutor Ek Chheng Huot said.

He was arrested at his pagoda in the Cambodian capital on Saturday over allegations that he secretly taped the women pouring sacred water over themselves in a pagoda bathroom, said police chief Touch Naruth.

Net Khai was arrested after a victim approached police and said that video clips showing the naked women had been shared among people via their mobile phones in recent weeks.

He was subsequently stripped of his religious status.

"He has filmed hundreds of women since 2008. They came to the monk to be blessed with holy water, but they were secretly filmed," Touch Naruth said.

"His act affects other monks and Buddhism and seriously harms our tradition," he said, adding that Net Khai had confessed to his crimes.

Police said they were looking for the man's accomplices.

Buddhist Camping In Vietnam

A scouts like Buddhist camp is currently being held in Vinh Phuc province. This is the first time camping of this nature is held in the northern province of Vietnam.

The camps opened on June 29, 2010. An estimated 600 campers, their families and cam officials attended the opening ceremony.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Modern Buddhist Wedding

A unique "Buddha-fied" bridal show held on June 26 at Fo Guang Shan's Lan Yang Temple in Yilan County featured bride Chen Meng-jou wearing the newest style of bridal gown for a traditional Buddhist wedding with a modern flair. Master Yung Kuang of the temple says that promoting Buddhist wedding ceremonies is done in the hopes of making newlyweds better understand the process of marriage, so as to experience more blessings and contentment in their marriages.
Master Yung Kuang adds that the Taiwan's Buddhist wedding ceremony has its roots in Yilan from when the wedding between famous painter Li Chi-mao and an Yilan girl, Chang Kuang-cheng, was officiated over by Venerable Master Hsing Yun at the temple in 1960. Today, young people are getting married faster and divorce is rampant; the temple hopes to promote Buddhist wedding ceremonies as a means to bring Buddhist teachings to help people with their marriages.

The "Buddha-fied Bridal Show" featured two Fo Guang Shan followers, Chen Meng-jou and Chen Yu-chun, playing the parts of the bride and groom. The wedding dress was provided by Chinghua Bridal, and was of the latest style. Chairman of the Board Tsai Ching-hua says that she felt the Buddhist ceremony was very meaningful, and the company's provision of the latest styles in fashion for the bridal party showed that a Buddhist ceremony could be beautiful and harmonious.

Master Yung Kuang says that most people mistakenly believe that Buddhist wedding ceremonies are only suitable for the children of believers, but Venerable Master Hsing Yun believes that such ceremonies should be promoted to the general public as an option. If people wonder why a Buddhist monk or nun care about secular weddings, the Venerable Master said once that "one doesn't necessarily have to enter a religious community to study Buddhism; the religion should be available to any layman at home.”

The "Buddha-fied Bridal Show" was held on the 11th floor of the Lan Yang Temple, and guests paid their respects to the Buddha on the way in. The bridal couple were led into the room by Yung Kuang, accompanied by the gentle sounds of chimes that helped attendees to center their thoughts and be quiet. Hoping to maintain an atmosphere of seriousness and joy at the same time, Master Yung Kuang performed the wedding ceremony and the blessing of the couple, and also arranged for students from Fo Guang University to give a performance. Finally, a traditional song of good luck for weddings was sung in Chinese, to cap a simple yet elegant experience

Just Photos - Children Ordination In Vietnam

An ordination ceremony for 150 children was held in Phuoc Son monastery in Vietnam on the 15th day of the 5 lunar month ( 26 June, 2010 ). The children will be ordained for a month until the 15th day of the 6 lunar month. Their day will start from 4am to 9pm in which they will do meditation, attend Dhamma classes, chanting, caunselling and doing simple temple chores.