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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Huang An

Name : Huang An
Country : Taiwan
Profession : Singer
Date Of Birth : 8th December
Height : 176cm

Huang An is a famous singer from Taiwan from the 80s and early 90s era. Huang An admiited that before he became a buddhist, he was an atheist One night in 1992, he went to the recording studio to record songs for his album but was told by the producer that the recording session for that night had been cancelled because they had had a long session the night before. Being free on that night, Huang An dropped by at a book store and after browsing around, a book's cover caught his attention. He started to read the book and discovered that it was actually a Buddhist Sutra. He was curious to know the contents of the book and since it wasn't that expensive, he bought a copy and started reading once he got home. The more he read the Buddhist Sutra, the better he felt and his interest in the Buddhist Sutra grew deeper. The following day, he thanked his stunned producer because had he not cancelled the recording session on that night, he wouldn't have gone to the book store and discovered the Buddhist Sutra. After the recording for his album ended, he returned to the book store to purchase the second part of the Buddhist Sutra. From then on, he started to learn more about Buddhism and at one time even comtemplated to become a monk. After considering that he wife was just recovering from a fire accident and his daughter was still small, he decided not to join the monkhood but to learn Buddhism on his own.

Huang An admitted that since he became a buddhist , much of his songs have been influenced by Buddhism. Today he is a devoud buddhist and even has a sister who is buddhist nun.

Singing and hosting a Buddhist even in China in 2004