Friday, February 12, 2010


This blog has been around since 2008 but only today i realise how boring my blog is. Personally i don't really enjoy ( sometimes get bored ) reading a blog with contains photos and nothing else and this is exactly how this blog is like, uninteresting and boring. Eventhough there were some occassionally write-ups accompanying the photos that i posted on this blog but there were just information phrased in formal manner. So to make this blog more interesting ( at least in my opinion ), i will add some personal touch to this blog every now and then eventhough i am not good in expressing myself in words.

I have a long list of celebrities waiting to be posted here but i feel that it is time for me to bring more diversity to this blog by not only posting on celebrities but other non-celebrities related posts as well.

In the past, there were some readers who commented about the accuracy of my posts. Some of them were criticism like but a number of them corrected my mistakes. Just for info, i take great effort to ensure that each of my post is accurate but still i could not guarantee 100% accuracy. With the help of some readers, i had deleted a few inaccurate posts from this blog. The strenght of a person's faith is subjective, one may claims to be a Buddhist but his actions are totally in contrast to Buddhist teachings. Moreover Buddhism is not about worshiping God but it's more like how to lead our lives to attain permanence. One can leads his life like a Buddhist without even becoming one.


prakash said...

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Faid said...

some comments~
1. love your blog. one of the sites that -must read- everytime i connect to internet ♥
2. appreciate your efforts so far. keep the good work _/|\_
3. i think some artists earlier posted here had converted their religion :p --but i'm not sure either ^^;
4. more text info else than photos only please ;)
5. sorry 4 my english~

anyway, i also set up a blog that have lyrics mentioned buddha or related to buddha in positive way~
please take a look if u hv time ;)

Fhez said...

Prakash, nice to know that you like my blog. Thank you. I have linked your blog to mine

Faid, thanks for your compliment and suggestion. Yes, people convert to and out of Buddhism all the time. From now if i happen to come across a celebrity whom i have posted has converted out from Buddhism, i will not remove that post but update this in a new post. There is no need to say sorry about your English because we are in the same boat. My English isn't good too.