Saturday, November 26, 2011

Buddhist Personality : Nguyen Tien Cong

Nguyen Tien Cong, a primary 3 school boy lives in a small village, Cau Dien in Tu Liem, Hanoi. Despite his young age, Cong has been a strict vegetarian since the age of 3.

When he was still in kindergarten, the teacher used to serve the kids meals with meat but Cong, who was already a vegetarian then always found tricks to avoid eating the food served. He was adamant in not eating the food despite being caught several times and punished by his teachers.

Initially his parents were worried that their boy did not want to eat meat. His mother used every means to coax him to eat meat but Cong still did not want to touch them. When asked by his parents why he did not want to eat meat, at age 3, the boy answered that eating meat is not a compassionate act but a murder. After learning the reason behind their son's stand to be a vegetarian, the family finally accepted and respected his decision. These days, his daily food contain only vegetable, tofu, salt, sesame, roasted peanuts, soy milk and fruits. Cong added that everytime he goes to the market, he would feel sick at the sight of meat.

In a village Buddhist temple, Cong is often seen chanting and meditating with his grandmother. His parents are happy to see that their son has grown up to be a good boy, thanks to his early interest in Buddhism.