Monday, March 29, 2010

Sri Lanka Comes Under Attack

3 days ago, i posted on Sri Lanka Buddhist going on rampage over Akon's music video which eventually led to the rejection of his visa by the Sri Lankan government. In denying Akon's visa , the government said that Sri Lankans were angered by the insensitivity of the music video and having a concert by the singer would wreck 'morality and good values' that exist in the pre-dominantly Buddhist country. To prove their points several frames from the said music video were cited.

However, it has been revealed to the country now that the ‘immoral’ act that the government suddenly discovered was created by government’s own people. What we see in the media is the arguments and counter arguments carried out by these people trying to put the blame of getting down Ekon on each other.

The media reported someone ( i believe someone from the opposition party ) saying " Everyone knows that the present government, though it talks about ‘Mathata Thitha’ (Halt to all intoxicants), is always in a state of ‘Thithata Matha’ (Always intoxicated). We are able to show our viewers that the morality of the government is no different from its policy on intoxicants.

A photograph showing Lord Buddha's picturd tattoeed on a back of a foreign woman was published along an article by the Ministry Of Tourism on " Daily News " on the June 26, 2009. The article was then distributed by the ministry to tourists as part of tourist promotion.

( not the said photo )

Is this offensive ?


Faid said...

i think those tattoos are COOL--i mean, doesn't thailand people (and monks) also have a lot of tattoos?

but it won't be good at all if those people who have these kind of tattoos do stupid unkind thing that would embarrass Buddhist XD

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