Saturday, November 22, 2014

Buddhist Personality - Andrie Wongso

Name : Andrie Wongso
Nationality : Indonesia
Profession : Motivator / Businessman

As a young man, he was very interested in martial arts and even established his own martial art school "Hap Kun Do". His interest in this art eventually led him to Taiwan. In 1980, he went to Taiwan after signing a three year contract with a film company there. He appeared in several martial arts during that period but never as the main actors. After seeing the ups and downs of the entertainment world, he decided that the acting profession was not for him.

He returned to Indonesia and started a few small businesses. He loved writing motivational words in his personal diary to motivate himself. After getting the idea from a friend, he started a business selling motivational greeting cards and at the same time studied Buddhism deeper. This business of his led him to several other businesses but the one that established himself as a No.1 motivator in Indonesia was a company dealing with motivational talks and publications.

Initially his talks were based on Buddhist philosophies but as his popularity grew, he ventured into more universal talks, extending his audiences from Buddhist to people of all faiths. Today, he is regarded as the No.1 motivator in Indonesia. He has his own show on national TV and has given countless talks to various niversities and companies across Indonesia. He is also a regular motivator for the Indonesian National Badminton Team.


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