Thursday, July 24, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Timmy Ho

Name : Timmy Ho Po San
Country : Hong Kong
Profession : Monk ( Present ) Actor ( Past )
Date Of Birth : 15th November 1967
Height : 178cm

Ho Po San comes from a family of a businessman father and a feng shui master, mother. His family is a well to do family, reportedly with total assets worth 267 million HKD. He graduated from a university in Canada with a degree in computer studies in 1990 and later joined TVB as an actor. He has starred in many dramas produced by the TV station , both playing leading roles or important supporting roles. He started to learn Buddhism in 1995 and over the years have become more disillusioned with the secular world while studying deeper into the religion. In 2005, he decided to leave all the wealth and the 30 million HK Dollar apartment which he was staying to go to a secluded place in Lantau Island to become a monk. Since then, his whereabout was unknown to anyone. He wanted to live a pious and peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of Hong City and the sins of the entertainment world as well as getting away from reporters. The monastery which he stayed is so secluded that one has to walk uphill for 3km before reaching the temple. As a monk he acted in a short series on Buddhism Parables with fellow veteran buddhist actor Law Kar Ying. These short videos depict the teachings of the Buddha

Early this year, a thief broke into the monastery and stole the golden bracelet worn by the Goddess Of Mercy statue there. Po San who was sleeping on the upper floor of the two floors monastery heard some strange noises and took a broom and went downstairs. He saw the thief and tried to overcome him but with the "non-violence" nature of a monk, he was unable to catch the thief but was instead hurt ( on his left arm )by him. Po San would have easily subdued the thief if he wasn't a monk as he had received martial arts training earlier in his life and would have forgiven him had he caught him. He believes, the thief will receive his karmanic retribution later in his life or after life. A police report was lodged and since then his whereabout was no longer a secret as reporters started climbing the hill to visit him.

At the monastery, his day starts at 3.00am , where he studies Buddhist sutras and meditate. In the afternoon, he works on the vegetable farm, carries water and cleaning the temple compound. In the evening from 5.00pm to 9.00pm he continues with his studies and meditation. He has only 6 hours of rest time each day. Leaving a luxurious life to a temple in a secluded area and sleeping on bunk bed, Po San has no complaint. He is content with his present simple and peaceful life.

The temple which he is staying in now


He made a series on Buddhist Parables with fellow actor Law Kar Ying recently.

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