Friday, July 4, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Carina Lau

Name : Carina Lau Kar Ling
Country : Hong Kong
Profession : Actress
Date Of Birth : 8th December 1965
Height : 167cm

She started her career in acting by joining HK TVB acting class in 1983 and shortly after her graduation , she was cast in dramas produced by the station. She started venturing into movies in 1986 and by the late 80s she has already become a well known movie actress in Hong Kong. She won several acting awards in the 1990s as well as in 2000s. In 2002, her nude photographs were published in a magazine, those photographs alledgely taken when she was kidnapped in 1990. In July 2008 just days before her marriage, Carina said she was kidnapped by triad members in 1990 after she refused to star in a movie which they were making. The triad members forced her to pose naked but according to her she was not raped by them. After that incident, Carina ended up filming for the triad membersbb without a fee. Apparently her statement on this case just days before her marriage was to put all speculations pertaining to his incident to an end. On 20th July 2008, she married top actor Tony Leung in Bhutan after a 19 years marathon affair