Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buddhist Personality : Quang Vinh

Name : Tran Quang Vinh
Nationality : Vietnam
Date Of Birth : 18th May 1982
Height : 5'8"
Profession : Singer

Quang Vinh comes from a rich family and was educated in America. He got into singing by chance and since then has released several albums. He is a devout Buddhist and started doing meditation 3 years ago.When he was a little boy, he used to follow his mother to monastery. From there he learned about Buddhism and meditation. He believes he has to work hard to achieve his goals and not relying too much on his family wealth. He is not into fame because he knows that fame is impermanent. What is more important to him is that he could draw plesaure from singing in front of an audience. He is disheartened to see many young people of today do not have spiritual lives and making many mistakes in their lives. He hopes parents will instill Buddhist teachings on their children from young so that they will grow up to be better persons