Monday, June 22, 2009

Buddhist Personality : Chen Xiao Long

Name : Chen Xiao Long ( Real name )
Shi Xiao Long ( Stage name )
Nationality : China
Date Of Birth : 17th January 1988
Profession : Actor

He was a child actor back in the 90s, appearing with his sidekick fatty Hao Shao Wen in mostly actions/martial art movies. Even before he was born, his involvement in martial arts had already been determined by his parents. He was born in small village in Henan, near a Shaolin Temple and a martial arts school. His family had been practicing "wugong" (chinese martial arts) for 4 generations and his father was a master (teacher) at the school. Being exposed to martial arts since he was born, Xiao Long ( Little Dragon ) had great interest in the arts. At age 2, every morning he would follow his father's disciples to run and practice "wugong". Even when reaching home he would always showed his skill to his mother often in secrecy because he feared for his strict father. Soon, still at the age of 2, he was accepted as a disciple by the Shaolin Temple, training and learning Buddhism under the temple's abbots guidance. He has been a devout Buddhist since then.
When he was 3, he was proposed to take part in a Martial Arts Festival in ZhengZhou and accepted. His skillful performance vowed everyone there. in 1993, he joined a martial arts delegation to Taiwan. His name was first proposed when he was 3 years old. Taiwanese authorities were sceptical about a 3 year old child performing martial child and sent some officers to China to meet the child. They were mesmerised by his skills and not long after that, Shi Long was granted a visa to visit Taiwan. He travelled across Taiwan and vowed the audience with his martial art skill. It was there that he caught the attention of a movie producer who signed him up to star in his movies. He made many movies often with his fatty sidekick, Hao Shao Wen in comedies but required him to display his martial art skill. After 14 years, he took a break and went to New York to further his studies. Even when he was in NY, he would go the the Chinese Martial Arts center for practice.