Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Buddhist Personality : Sun Fei Fei

Name : Sun Fei Fei
Nationality : China
Date Of Birth : 21st February 1981
Profession : Actress

Sun Fei Fei is an TV drama actress in China. When she was studying at the Beijing Dance Academy, every year she would return to her hometown during the Spring Festival to celebrate with her family. She enjoyed the foods and getting red packets during those days. However after her venture into acting, due to hectic schedule, returning to her hometown is no longer an annual affair. As she matures, going to her hometown during festival is not about food and red-packets anymore. Each time she goes back, she will go the the Goddess Of Mercy temple with her mother to pray for the well being of the family. Having being exposed to Buddhism since small, she says Buddhism has taught to be a calm person and this is evident in her calm temperament in all situations. Buddhism has also helped her to resist "unhealthy temptations" that are abound in the entertainment world


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