Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Buddhist Personality : Josie Ho

Name : Ho Chiu Yee
Nationality : Hong Kong
Date Of Birth :
Profession : Actress

Josie is the youngest child of wealthy casino mogul and businessman, Stanley Ho. Despite being the heiress to one of the richest man in the world ( her father was ranked 113th richest man in the world by Forbes in 2008 ), she chooses to be in the entertainment industry. She started acting in the early 90s and despite her social status, she has no qualms in potraying supporting characters or undesirable roles such as prostitute. She is married to a former band member and a devout Buddhist. Her luxurious mansion in Hong Kong is filled with a number of Buddha statues and she often flies with her husband to Thailand to pray to the 4 face Buddha there. She hopes that her prayer to be blessed with a child ( son ) would be answered.