Friday, July 2, 2010

Buddhist Personality : Viet Trinh

After almost 3 years away from the limelight, the sad eyes veteran Vietnamese actress/singer, Viet Trinh returns to her fans.

Q. There have been rumours that you left the entertainment scene to have a child ?

A. I have never acknowledged nor denied this before. I think it is normal for a woman to want to have child. Children bring happiness to a woman. I did not acknowledge this in the past because i wanted to spend a quiet and peaceful time with my son.

Q. Could you tell us something about your son ?

A. His name is Thien Nhan, a hyperactive boy and is almost 2 years old. He has passion for music. Each time he listens to children songs, he would sing together and start dancing away. Since he was born, i have been spending 24 hours a day with him. Besides taking care of him, watching him, laughing with him, playing with him, i also spent my time to learn more about Buddhism.

Q. How is Thien Nhan's father ?

A. This is something i want to keep to myself

Q. After being away for almost three years to spend time with your son, why do you want to return to filming again ?

A. Because i want to contribute to the society through my works and to show my gratitude for my close friends and former colleagues who have stayed with me, supported and encouraged me during my tough times. After adopting Buddhist philosophies, i understand more about the law of cause and effect, Karma. Since then i gradually changed myself to be a better person. I have learned to how leave peacefully and to be more tolerant person. In the entertainment industry, it is normal to have many people who dislike and hate us but i have learned to treat everyone well including those who don't like me. If you love the person who hate you, gradually that person's hatred will go away and eventually will lead to more love.

Q. So are you plan to 'return' by appearing in a movie ?

A. Director, Le Cung Bac has invited me to join a project of his which is an emotional modern times movie. However up to this point, i have not read the script, therefore i wouldn't want to comment further on this. I am planning to direct a movie about Karma, depicting real people in real circumstances and lives.
Q. Why do you choose the 'Law Of Karma' as the subject of your first movie ?

A. At my age, i have gone through many obstacles and setbacks in life and i think i have chosen the right direction for my movie. However, contrary to the perception of many, this movie is not a strictly Buddhist movie but about real life stories, about what these people are experiencing as the effect of their past actions.

Q. Is being a mother makes you more engross in meaningful activities with children ?

A. If you want your child to grow up well, you need to love the children of the others too. That's why i want to spend more time to do useful things for the society.

Q. About what happened in your life in the past ?

A. I remembered the days in 2001 where i was greatly misunderstood, i was extremely sad and just couldn't stop crying. I was lost and even contemplated suicide. I was insulted, i felt like i was at the end of the road. I ended up indulging myself in alcohol to forget my sadness until one day when i went to a small temple far away from the city. I was looking for peace and some luck in my life. When I stood in front of the Buddha, i felt like being given a new life again. Then i knelt before the Buddha and started to feel love inside me. In the afternoon, a monk from the temple told me that instead of hurting myself and blaming others who do not understand me, I should spend more time to love them. His words strucked me instantly. I stopped drinking and started to feel peace in my life again. I have found a true meaning of life. Since then i take refuge in Lord Buddha.
What happend to me in the past was due to the bad deeds in my past lives so from now on i will only do good things.

A Buddhist song by her


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