Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Buddhist Police

Espírito Santo state government , south- eastern Brazil, is an experimental training program for a number of daily new mobile police officers . Instead of learning new fighting techniques , the police officer is on skill development in relations between individuals , emotional balance and discipline in a Buddhist monastery , located 70 km from the capital Vitória .

Often more decentralized systems on the rigidity of the military, participants in this training program immediately faced with the engine of equality of the monks . Everyone, from commanders to subordinates , must strictly abide by the same habits , the same task . They started the day with a practice in meditation and silence, a complete change compared with traditional environments of the morning police headquarters . After the meditation, they continue to operate as a collective ikebana flower arranging , pottery and porcelain, practice tai chi chuan , and even participating in tea ceremony.

The police officer underwent this training program confided that they felt ready to face their task with much more violent path . With a better understanding of themselves, to colleagues and their interactions between objects according to Buddhist philosophy , the police can reduce the stress level ( stress ) in their career , so peacekeeping becomes more effective