Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Temple Stay For Korean Youths

Temple stays often thought of as a unique experience for foreigners that helps them understand Korean Buddhism better are currently being reshaped.

The Jogye Order of the Korean Buddhism Cultural Corporation says various summer programs have been prepared in over 40 temples across the country this year in order to meet the growing demand among Korean youths for an academic and practical experience of Buddhism.
In some temples, with histories dating back over one-thousand years students will get a chance to learn ancient buddhist studies, participate in ceremonial services with chanting and to take some time to reflect upon themselves through meditation.

In addition to the religious practices various other educational programs including English classes, horse riding and archery will be offered.

Miwhang temple in South Jeolla Province, one of the most renowned temples in the country provides one-week summer programs twice a year which consist of Buddhist ceremonial services, Chinese character learning periods and a traditional tea ceremony known as 'Dado'.
Dongwha temple in South Gyeongsang Province has created a weekly English camp for elementary students to help children learn about Buddhism and English simultaneously.
The Buddhism Cultural Corporation says a few days of experience in a temple under the supervisions of respected monks will not only enlighten them religiously but also help them find their true selves.