Saturday, November 20, 2010

Movie On Buddha Put On Hold

The biggest ever project devised by Ashutosh Gowariker, Buddha, continues to be on hold. The filmmaker, who is known for films that are set on a huge canvas while boasting of an opulent treatment, has decided that he won't progress on the film till he finds the perfect actor to play the part of Buddha.

"Frankly, it is a very difficult casting which I have in hand here", says Ashutosh Gowariker who would be attempting a film with a religious base to it for the first time ever, "I have seen so many actors worldwide but still haven't found the right face to play the part. It is so difficult because this actor has to be convincing as someone who goes through a complete turnaround in his life. I have to go ahead in a zero-compromise mode here."

Another strong reason behind casting a correct face and physical appearance is the fact that Buddha is being pitched for an international market. This means that the actor, whether new or established, is required to have a pan-universal appeal.

"While this is truly a major reason, I also feel that the team of Buddha has a responsibility to take care of for several other nations as well", continues Gowariker, "There are millions in this world who practice Buddhism; whether it is Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and others. When they see our film, they should be able to relate to the actor and say that this is their Buddha. I should be accurate enough in my presentation so that there is a sense of reverence that comes in for a world-known personality like Buddha."