Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buddhist Personality : Ray Lui

Ray Lui Leung Wai was born to a Chinese family in Vietnam on 22nd December 1956. His family escaped to Hong Kong during the Vietnam war in 1967. His family lived in poverty while in Hong Kong. He had to quit his secondary school to work in a factory in order to support his seriously ill mother.

He joined an acting training course organised by TV station. After graduating from the course he was employed by the TV station as an actor, playing minor supporting roles. His breakthrough came in 1980 when he was cast to play 2nd lead in the drama "The Bund". The drama became a hit and he became the talk of the town and shot him and the 1st leading actor Chow Yuen Fatt to fame. Till today, the classic drama is considered as one of the best ever produced in Hong Kong.

He is a devout Buddhist and is active in charity activities. His exposure to Buddhism started when he was still a small boy where he used to follow his mother to pray in Buddhist temples. One day when he was 8, on Buddha's Birthday, his mother brought him to pray in a temple. At that time he two of his front teeth failed to grow fully since he was 6. He prayed and asked the Buddha to bless him with two fully grown teeth and vowed that he would worship the Buddha if his wish was fulfilled. Miraculously, less than 3 weeks after his prayer, his teeth started to grow to their normal size. Since then he started to pray to the Buddha but not study the Dharma in depth.

It was until in 1985 when he was offered to play the role of the Buddha in a TVB drama that he started to study Buddhism and explore the meaning of Buddhism. Buddhism has brought great changes in his life. It has made him to open his heart, to love people around him and to have a sense of social responsibility.

Today he is not only a successful actor but also a successful businessman and is active in charity works. Together with his wife and a few of his celebrity friends, he often organises charity activities to help those in need.

In October 2009, he recorded a Buddhist album together with actress Rain Li. The proceed from the sale of the album was used to repair a temple and to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

The twice divorced Lui married for the 3rd time to Yang Li Quan in 2001 . They have a son.

The drama that shot him to fame, "The Bund"

His ad ( for children charity ) video