Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monk Saves Banyan Trees

Recently two Banyam tress were given new lives by a monk in Malaysia. The two trees both aged 40 were uprooted by a developer. The developer contacted a monk from the Dharma Buddhist University in Bentong, Malaysia and offered the monk the two trees. Without much hesitation, the monk accepted the trees. Both the trees were then transported from Kuala Lumpur to the partially completed Buddhist University which is built within next to a threatened rainforest.

The chief monk of the university said that continue logging activities has exposed a bare hill next to the temple. He vows to protect the forest. The university is taking effort to plant trees in the area. For the past three years, it has planted 10000 trees there. At present the university is surrounded by old trees, new trees, herbs gardens and flowers which offers a peaceful ambience to the students there.