Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiger, Dogs, Pig

What do a tiger, a dog and a pig have in common ? Aside from all of them have four legs, nothing much. Infact these animals have very contrasting personality. Dogs are playful, pigs are lazy and tigers are of course fierce predators but in a zoo in Thailand, they can live together in the same cage.

At the Sri Racha zoo, in the town of Sri Racha, province of Chon Buri, Thailand , a tiger, a pig and two dogs are being kept in a same enclosure. According to the information officer of the zoo, the tiger will pretend to bite the pig but has never really bitten his piggy friend. The dogs like to bark and chase the pig around and the tiger is afraid of the dogs barking. The tiger was brought to the zoo since small and has apparently being tamed.
The co-existence of these animals, in the same place could serve as a reminder to Thais ( in light of the recent protest ) and to all of us that despite our differences we can still live together peacefully.