Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Well Soon, Eva

Since Monday, this blog has been receiving unusually high hits which it has never experienced before and after a search i discovered that most of the hits were for my earlier posts on Eva Ekvall, the former Miss Venezuela who is suffering from breast cancer.

Since Monday, many people have been searching for Eva on the net after the beauty queen who is undergoing chemotherapy released photos of sickly self, bald and lying on a bad in the hospital resulting in a number of people directed to this blog.

The photo that was released two days ago, was taken from Eva's book Fuera De Foco (Out Of Focus ) which chronicles her fight with cancer. Desribing her bald self as " not pretty at all ", Eva said people would be shocked to see this photo as she has never been seen bald or without make up in public before this.

Eva shares her battle with cancer through her book Fuera De Foco. She hopes this book would help to create more awareness in breast cancer and self examination among Venezuelan women. According to her, breast implants and breast enlargements are common topics in Venezuela and people have no hesitation to talk about them but breast cancer is a taboo topic and many people shy away from talking about this disease.

She said the most difficult part of her 'battle' was not able to take care of her toddler daughter as she was too sick to do so and had to let her mother to look after her young child resulting to her daughter not able to recognize her at times.

The photos released were not the most recent ones. Today she sports a short hair style and is in the process of recovery. Get well soon, Eva..