Monday, February 7, 2011

Hachiko - A Dog's Story

Over the weekend i watched a movie name Hachiko, starring Richard Gere on DVD and was truly touched by this movie. For those who have yet to watch this movie, go watch it. It's a very nice sad movie based on a true story that took place Japan but in the movie, it was set in America. I later discovered that someone had posted the whole movie on Youtube ( see the link below ).

If you have never heard about Hachiko and would love to know about this story before watching the movie, you may read it on Wikipedia ( here ). Hachiko has taught us the true meaning of loyalty and patience

Watch the trailer first and see if you want to proceed to watch the whole movie.

To watch the whole movie on Youtube, click here

For more authenticity, watch the Japanese version of the movie ( with English subtitles ) here

I have watched both version of the movies. Both are great but i have to say the Japanese version has a slight edge over the English one especially when we know the real story took place in Japan and it chronicles Hachiko's life since the day he was born