Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buddhist Jokes

A naughty boy liked to run around the house. One day, as he was running and playing in the main hall of his house he accidentally broke his mother's favorite vase.

When the mother discovered about the broken vase, she was very angry and was on the verge of hitting her son when she realized that it was too painful for her to do so. Not wanting to allow her son go without any punishment, she asked her son to kneel in front of the statue of Goddess of Mercy sitting peacefully on the family altar. She asked her son not to stand up until she asked her to do so. The small boy reluctantly followed his mother instruction.

The mother than left the hall for kitchen to do some cooking and when she returned to the hall she saw her son sitting on the coach watching TV. Angrily, she asked the boy why he stop kneeling in front of the Goddess of Mercy without her permission.

Answering in an innocent tone, the boy said " Mummy, you haven't allow me to stand up but when i asked the Goddess of Mercy, she allowed me to do so ". The mother answered " Don't give excuses, how could the Goddess of Mercy talk to you ? ".

The boy answered, " No, the Goddess of Mercy didn't talk to me but she showed me the OK sign with her hand when i asked her if i could stand up ".

The amused mother looked at the statue of the Goddess of Mercy and then just shook her head and smile at her son.