Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buddhist Personality : Lee Ka Kit

Name : Lee Ka Kit
Country : Hong Kong
Date Of Birth : 1963
Profession : Businessman.

Lee Ka Kit is the elder son of Lee Sau Kee, the chairman of Henderson Land Development. He is the Vice Chairman of his father's business empire. Despite his wealth, Lee Ka Kit is a low key person and rarely gets into negative scandals. His father, Lee Sau Kee wealth's is estimated at USD19 billion and is listed as the 28th richest man in the world by Forbes in its 2011 list.

News on him were mostly on his business and the numerous charitable events that he undertakes. He is a devout Buddhist and a firm believer of Feng Shui and has keen interest in traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Being a devout Buddhist, he believes compassion is a very important trait that a person should have. His belief in compassion prompted him to get involve in charities to help the people and has set up a multi million charity fund for this purpose.

Lee Ka Kit is still unmarried but being a filial son, he wants to produce heirs to his family as well as grandchildren for his father who is already in his 80s. Last July, his wishes came through when his triplet sons were born by an American surrogate mother.

His triplet sons

The eldest - Lee Chi Shun

The second - Lee Chi Yan

The youngest - Lee Chi Yung

The proud grandfather with his three grandsons