Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buddhist Personality : Bhutia Baichung

Name : Bhutia Baichung
Country : India
Date Of Birth : December 5, 1976
Height : 173cm
Profession : Footballer

Retired Bhutia, was a captain for Indian national football team. He has been in the indian football team since over a decade. He is the first and only Indian to play for an English club and is hailed as one of the best players India has ever produced.
Baichung announced his international retirement on August 24, 2011 after failing to recover from a recurrent calf muscle injury, drawing curtains on an illustrious 16-year-long career.

Bhaichung started playing football in St.Xavier's school in sikkim. Obvious talent saw him get offers from various school clubs. When bhaichung was sixteen he joined the East bengal club in kolkata. Bhaichung then went on to become the team captain in the 1998-99 season. Finally bhutia got a dream call from overseas. He was called for training sessions with english clubs like Fulham and Aston Villa. After unsucessful attempts with both, Bhutia joined Bury FC in the UK. After a three year stint, Bhutia returned to india to play for Mohum Bagan FC. Bhutia returned to his former club the next year to help them win the ASEAN cup. Bhutia's achievements have gone to that extent that he also got the chance to play alongside one of the sports best player;Clarence Seedorf in a match in Munich. Bhutia scored twice in that game.

Inspite of the prowess of such an able national captain bhutia has failed to deliver on the international circuit. Football pundits argue that the game is a team game and so bhutia is always excused. But this buddhist's contribution to the sport cannot be ignored. He once said that it would be his dream if he could help india qualify for the world cup finals