Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Real Story - A Kind Hearted Man And His Handicapped Pig

This is a real story about a man and his handicapped pig. The sow born with two legs and named Zhu Jianqiang, literally means brave and strong in Chinese belongs to a villager, Mr Wang Xihai who lives in Henan Province in China.

When Zhu Jianqiang was born almost 18 months ago, Mr Wang's wife had wanted to throw her away but was stopped by Mr Wang. He told his wife that despite the piglet's handicapped, she deserved to be given a chance to live on. The kind hearted Mr Wang however admitted that he didn't expect Zhu Jianqiang to live long and healthy as she is today.

Zhu Jianqiang was one of nine piglets born and she was the only handicapped one, born with two legs. A few days after she was born, Mr Wang decided to teach her to walk by lifting her by the tail. She was trained to walk for a short period everyday and by 30 days she was able to walk upside down.

Not long after that, the news about Zhu Jianqiang became the talk of the village and Mr Wang's house was visited by many people, some of them even offered hefty prices to purchase the pig but was flatly declined by Mr Wang.

Mr Wang said that Zhu Jianqiang determination to live despite her handicapped reminds us not to give up on our lives no matter how difficult our lives are and it is because of this that he would never sell Zhu Jianqiang to anyone.

Moral of the above story - When the world whispers to us " give up " and " not impossible ", our little heart shouts " you can do it ".