Friday, May 21, 2010

Buddhist Flag

Buddhist Flag which originted from Sri Lanka celebrated its 125th anniversary recently, on April 25.

During colonial rule , Buddhists in Sri Lanka lost their freedom to worship and conduct religious activities and it was through indefatibale efforts of a few bhikkus that Sri Lanka Buddhists eventually got the freedom to practice their religion. The flag was designed as a symbol to mark the revival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka at that time. The flag was first hoisted 125 years ago to mark the first Vesak public holiday under the British rule.

The new flag was introduced to Japan in 1889 and was followed by other Buddhist countries such as Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. In 1952 it was recognised as the International Buddhist Flag by the World Buddhist Congress.

The five colours of the flag represent the six colours of the aura that emanated from the body of the Buddha at the time of Enlightenment.

(1) Blue (neela) represents Loving Kindness, tranquillity and Universal Compassion;
(2) Yellow (pitha), the Middle Path - abstaining from extremes of luxury and suffering;
(3) Red (lohitha) stands for achievement, wisdom, virtue, fortune and dignity;
(4) White (odatha) for purity and emancipation
(5) Orange (manjestha) the Essence of Buddhism with wisdom, strength and dignity.

The vertical stripe, compound of the other five colours (Prabhaswara - 'essence of light') symbolizes Truth.


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