Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Dewi Lestari

Name : Dewi Lestari
Nationality : Indonesia
Profession : Actress

Dewi Lestari was a Catholic before converting to Buddhism together with her husband, Marcell in 2006. She was fascinated with Buddhism since she was young and has been practicing meditation ( not strictly ) many years before her conversion but decided to learn meditation seriously after that. In 2007, she joined a Buddhist Vihara in Magelang, Indonesia to learn meditation for self reflection for 3 days where she meditated 12 hours a day. In 2007, she joined a retreat in Hong Kong for 5 days under Master Zen Thinh Nhat Hanh. She and Marcell decided that their son, Keenan, would be raised as a Buddhist. Unfortunately her marriage did not last, a few months ago, her marriage was dissolved amicably. She and Marcell are still in good terms even after their divorce.