Saturday, December 6, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Eric Tsang

Name : Tsang Chi Wai
Nationality : Hong Kong
Date Of Birth : 14th April 1953
Profession : Emcee / Actor

Eric Tsang is one of the top emcee in Hong Kong who has also won accolade for his acting skills. He has been a devout Buddhist for more than a decade. He is often seen at religious functions in Buddhist monateries as well as active in charity works for temples and the public. He led a group of his fellow artistes colleagues in a donation drive for earthquake victims in China a few months ago. Eric says that Buddhism is very relevant to an artiste because it teaches " impermanence ", a famous artiste like himself may be at the top today but could be a forgotten person the following dau. He says he is prepared to face this day when it comes.