Monday, December 8, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Marcell Siahaan

Name : Marcellius Kirana Hamonangan Siahaan
Country : Indonesia
Date Of Birth : 21st September 1977
Profession : Singer / Actor

He ws the husband of Dewi Lestari who together with his wife converted from Catholism to Buddhism in 2006. According to him, when he was a child , he had many questions about life but could not find answers for them. One day he discovered a book of Buddhism and started reading and found the answers for his questions inside the book. He said that his ex-wife was the one who guided him on Buddhism and eventually the conversion. Today he is a devout Buddhist.


Anonymous said...

Nadya Hutagalung, a top model from Indonesia who stays in Singapore now is also a Buddhist.

chanthamengly said...

Very nice to hear this from you.