Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Buddhist Celebrity : Herbie Hancock

Name : Herbie Hancock
Nationality : USA
Date Of Birth :
Profession : Jazz Musician

Herbie has been a practising Buddhist for 36 years. Interestingly, he was introduced to Buddhism in a club. In 1972, in one of their stints, his band mate played a never heard before spiritual accostic bass music which captivated not only the audience but Herbie as well. He began to ask his band mate more on his spiritual music and was told that the music was inspired by Zen Buddhism. It was when he was introduced to the zen Buddhism chanting. From there onwards, Herbie started to learn more about Buddhism and over the years, Buddhism has not only inspired his music but also his life. He is a devout Buddhist today and chants every morning and night and each time before he starts his performance.


Mara said...

Herbie practice Nichiren Buddhism, not Zen.