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Story Of The Buddha & Buddhism ( Part 37 - 40 )

Part 37

The Buddha and the venerable Ananda, washing a monk suffering from Dysentery

One monk was suffering from dysentery. As he did not wait upon others, there was no one to wait upon him. The Buddha, accompanied by the Venerable Ananda, went round inspecting the buildings of the monastery and saw the ailing monk sleeping in filth. Immediately the Blessed One sent the Venerable Ananda to fetch water and Himself poured water while the Venerable Ananda scrubbed and cleaned him. The Buddha and the Venerable Ananda thus did their duty of ministering to the sick. Having washed and cleaned the monk, the Blessed One held him by the head, while the Venerable Ananda took hold of his feet and placed him on a couch. The Buddha had the monks assembled and exhorted them thus:- "You have no parents nearly to wait upon you, and if you do not wait upon one another, who will do so?"; And then the Blessed One admonished them as follows:-

"Whosoever, Brethren, would wait upon me, he should wait upon the sick".

Part 38

Conversion by the Buddha of Angulimala, a robber of the forest

Angulimala was the son of the King's Chaplain of the Savatthi City, and a student of the Taxila University. The teacher and his wife were very fond of him, as he was a brilliant, clever and faithful pupil. Unfortunately his associated grew jealous of him, made up a false story and succeeded in setting the teacher against him. The enraged teacher, suspecting him to have had an affair with his wife contrived to put an end to his life by ordering him to fetch a thousand fingers as a present in return for the education he received. In obedience to the teacher, he took to the forest of Savatthi and started killing people to collect fingers for the necessary offering. Later he wore a garland of these fingers to ascertain the number-hence the name Angulimala. When he had wore a garland of these fingers to ascertain the number-hence the name Angulimala. When he had collected 999 fingers, and was ready to complete the number he chased his own mother who came out to ask him to desist from killing. The Buddha saw this in advance and appeared on the scene to prevent him from killing his mother. He chased the Buddha to kill Him, but could not overtake Him on account of His supernatural power. He was eventually converted to the noble Doctrine of the Buddha and was admitted into the Order

Part 39

Angulimala reciting a Paritta blessing for a woman in the throes of childbirth

Angulimala led a peaceful life after he had become a monk. But most of the people were still scared of him and dared not approach him on his alms-round. He therefore found it difficult to get enough food for his meals. One day as he went on his alms-round, he saw a woman in the throes of childbirth. Moved by compassion, he reported this pathetic case to the Buddha who then taught him the Angulimala Paritta in Pali which means:-"Sister, from the day I was born of the Noble Birth, (i.e., since my Ordination), I have not consciously deprived any living being of life. By this truth may health be to thee and thy unborn child";. He studied this Paritta, and going to the presence of the suffering sister sat on a seat separated from her by a screen and made this asseveration by reciting the Paritta in Pali. Instantly she was delivered of the child with great ease. After that he had enough food on his almsrounds and was contented and happy.

Part 40

Cinca-Manavika, a female ascetic, making a false accusation against the Buddha

There dwelt in Savatthi city, a female ascetic called Cina-manvika, who was as pretty as a goddess. The heretical teachers, who did not get enough alms and were envious of the Buddha attempted to destroy His reputation by setting her to make a false accusation against Him. She wrapped a scarlet shawl round her and pretended to pay visits to the Buddha at Jetavana Monastery at nightfall, though, as a matter of fact, she slept at the monastery of the heretical Monastery, and at day break she entered the city as if she was coming back from the Buddha at Jetavana Monastery. In this way she caused doubts to arise in the minds of devotees returning in the evening from the monastery after hearing a sermon from the Buddha, and those who were going there early in the morning to pay their respects to the Buddha. After a period of about nine months she placed a wooden knob against her stomach and tied it with an apron round her body to make it appear that she was big with child. Then she approached the Buddha who was preaching and made a false and wicked accusation thus: "Why have you not prepared my confinement room?" The gods appeared as mice and bit loose the apron round her body, when the knob of wood fell before the audience, and she was given a sound beating and driven away.


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