Saturday, August 14, 2010

Buddhist Personality : Shen Jian Hong

Name : Shen Jian Hong
Country : Taiwan
Date Of Birth : 9th November 1992
Height : 170CM
Profession : Singer

Though still in his teens, he has become a devout Buddhist and has recorded Buddhist theme songs. Unlike most Buddhist hymms, his songs are contemporary songs but incorporated with the Dhamma. He said that he wanted to spread the dhamma to young people through his songs.

He caught the attention of Master Hsing Yun of Fo Guang Shan with one of his performances. Master Hsiung Yun praised the young Shen Jianhong for his unique style of singing and this eventually led to the making of a music video with Shen Jianhong singing about the Dhamma in rap.

The shooting of the MV was done outdoor, in the compound of Fo Guang Shan temple. During shooting, there was a heavy downpour, prompting the director to halt the session.

Shen Jianhong ran into the main shrine of the temple, knelt before the Buddha and prayed for the rain to stop. To the astonishment of everyone, the rain suddently stopped and shooting was continued but shortly the shooting had ended, it startd to rain heavily again. Everyone there thought that Shen Jianhong must have received blessing from the Buddha.

This is the MV where it's shooting was halted due to heavy rain