Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buddhist Personality : Tang Wen

Name : Tang Wen
Nationality : China
Date Of Birth : 1990
Height : 176cm
Profession : Student, Miss China

She was crowned Miss China Universe two months ago and represented her country at the just concluded international pageant. She was unplaced at Miss Universe 2010 final which was held two days ago.

Born in Yichun, Heilongjiang province, Tang had a less than idyllic childhood. Her parents divorced when she was 3 and she moved in with her mother in Beijing when she was 15.
While in college, she earned money on the side by training prospective air hostesses on how to stand tall and wear the right make up. Her outstanding looks made modeling the obvious choice after graduation. "I knew I would end up in the fashion industry when I was very young," she says.

She has taken to the catwalk for most of the important women's fashion brands in China, and is a regular at China International Fashion Weeks. Tang's selection for the pageant was unusual. She was designated Miss China and sent to the competition directly by NSR, which has a cooperative agreement with the Miss Universe committee.

Faced with a barrage of questions and criticism, the young girl says she "was totally and utterly stressed", but not surprised.

"I felt lucky that NSR sent me directly to the final without holding a selection within the country I think it is because I have experience as an actress, in modeling and was involved in the Olympic Games. I am more qualified," she says.

( In 2008 she was selected as one of the placard holders for the Olympic Games. The top 7 girls were assigned to carry the placards of the 7 top nations competing in the Olympic and she was one of them. After practising for 6 months, she heard rumours about her being replaced a night before the big day and this stressed her out. However it turned out to be false and the following day, she carried the placard of Germany, marching into the stadium during the opening ceremony of the games.