Saturday, August 21, 2010

Korean Zen Martial Art

Golgul-sa is also famous as the main teaching center for Sonmudo a Zen martial art secretly handed down for over 2,500 years. The name comes from the three words Seon (known in Japanese as "Zen"- the Buddhist method of attaining enlightenment through mdeitation), mu (martial), and do (art or method), and was given to the practice by the Venerable Chok-un, a monk who popularized it at Golgul-sa during the 1970s.

The training method of Sonmudo involves an 8-fold path divided along 4 noble truths into a series of body movements. It is a way to achieve enlightenment by harmonizing the three parts of karma: body, speech, and thought, first by accomplishing samadhi, then ultimately, nirvana. Sonmudo combines yoga, chakra breathing, exercise, martial arts, and weapons practice.

Essence range from "骨 窟 寺" (Golgul Temple), His own stock is the oldest treasures in Buddhist history and the cave was built in Korea. images of four meters high Buddha carved into cliffs Yue Ham Son, this hillside is called twelve meditation caves, created by mystical Indian Century th 9. This is the Zen Center of Budo (Sunmudo) also known as Vajrayana subject (Kumkangmun).