Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Photos - Buddha Bar Protest

Earlier this month, about 300 Indonesians gathered at the Buddha Bar restaurant to protest against it's operation. Prior to that, small scale protests were held in diffeent cities by Indonesians who were disturbed by the restaurant. Following are photos of some of the protests which were held recently ( few months ago ) in different places.

One of the protests that really caught my attention is this one. Unlike others, this one was not carried out by Buddhists but by a small group of Muslim Indonesians working in Malaysia and held in Malaysia. These Muslims wanted to show their solidarity for their fellow Indonesian Buddhists as according to them, the restaurant was not only an insult to Buddhism but to all religions in general. Elsewhere in Indonesia, local Christians also joined some of the protests. It's nice to see that people of different faiths actually got together in the name of religion.

To protest does not mean must go to the street. The following photos were taken during a forum to protest against the bar in Medan, Indonesia

Small group of protesters gathered in front of the Buddha Bar to protest against the bar

This is what angered the Indonesians and this is why they are against the operation of the bar.

( Mocking at the characters (which includes a monk) from the famous Chinese Buddhist folk story "Journey To The West" )

( Sleazy show staged inside the restaurant )

( Oh dear ! Don't know what to say about this )