Thursday, April 1, 2010

Buddhist Personality : Yang Wei Han

Name : Yang Wei Han
Nationality : Malaysia
Date Of Birth : 1971
Profession : Singer / Stage Actor

He started his singing career in 1997 but today is more known as a stage actor/singer than a pop singer. In 1999 he landed a lead role in a musical, Siddharta playing the role of Lord Buddha. Playing that role for 10 years has greatly influenced his religious life. He is more knowledgeable on Buddhism now and has become a vegetarian.

Siddhartha The Musical premiered in 1999 and has since being performed 45 times in 4 countries Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and South Africa, the last was last year in Malaysia to celebrate it's 10th anniversary. Just for this blog, i sent an email to the company that produced this musical to enquire about the next show. They replied me that they would inform me when the time comes. If you happen to have a chance to watch this musical in future, don't miss it.

Rehearsal photos ( during their last performance in Malaysia in 2009 )

Promotional videos of the musical ( for last year performance in Malaysia )