Monday, April 19, 2010

Students Seek Guidance From Monks

Yesterday more than 500 primary and secondary students attended a prayer and counsellling session in a temple in Hanoi, Vietnam. This program was designed to help the students prepare themselves mentally in their studies. The students were told that to excel in their studies, besides the hard work, they have to feel relax, confident and have an healthy state of mind. The program ended successfully after the students were blessed by the monks.

Registration time

The students eagerly waiting for the program to start

A procession leading the monks and students into the main shrine

Monks giving Dhamma talk to the students

Question and Answer time

Teachers in meditating session

A teacher singing to her students

Buddhist hymns singing time

The prayer session in progress

Parents and relatives also prayed outside the main shrine

Monks leading the students in Buddhist mantra chanting session

Queing up to receive blessings and a gift from the monks

It's lunch time

The students enjoying their vegetarian lunch in the temple compound