Thursday, April 22, 2010

Former Buddhist

Name : Chew Chor Meng
Nationality : Singapore
Date Of Birth : 20th November 1968
Profession : Actor

He entered the entertainment industry via a talent contest back in 1990 and has become of the leading actors in Singapore. He is currently suffering from a incurable but not life threatening muscular disorder and has some mobility problems. He became a Christian in 2008 and says that his religion has given his courage to deal with his disorder.

Name : Kitty Lai Mei Han
Nationality : Hong Kong
Date Of Birth : 16th October 1966
Profession : Housewife ( Retired Actress )

She was one of the leading actresses in Hong Kong's TVB back in the mid-80s right up to the 90s but has since retired from acting altogether. She was introduced to Christianity by her good friends, fellow actress, Teresa Mo Soon Wan and former beauty queen Shallin Tse Ning and is now a devout Christian.

Kitty Lai ( in red ) with her Christian friends


hansen said...

and how about nadya hutagalung, an Indonesian-Australian descent and now live in singapore? she converted to buddhism. btw can i have your email address??