Monday, April 19, 2010

Thai Protest & Celebrities

After 6 weeks, the protest in Thailand is still going strong with no any sign of ending soon. However this post is not about the protest but rather Thai celebrities who got into trouble because of the protest.

The first case involved a popular Thai actress, Cherry Khemupsorn. About a week ago ( presumbaly before the bloody protest on April 10 ) , in an interview, a reporter asked her view on the ongoing protest in Thailand. She said that she supported the Reds because they were protesting peacefully without causing much chaos except for some traffic problems. She said she dealed with this problem by adjusting her life a bit to avoid going to the protest areas. For this comment, she was heavily criticized and bashed on Thai forums.

Last Friday, a multi coloured group of protesters gathered at the main army base to show their displeasure over the Reds protest. Among those who was present there was a popular Thai comedian, Thep Phongarm. Thep's presence at the rally did not go down well with the Reds. He was criticized by the Reds and one of the leaders even asked the Reds supporters to boycott the comedian.

Two innocent girls Faye and Faang from the popular girl group FFK were very fortunate to escape unscatched from what happened to their house last week. A grenade was thrown at the girls' house when they were asleep but luckily for them, the grenade failed to explode, just leaving a hole on the roof . If the bomb had exploded the girls would most probably have got injured or even died. The bomb was actually not targeted at the girls. Apparently the bomber ( presumbly from the Reds ) wanted to aim the grenade at the house of a senior officer of the military run television station TV5 who lived just next door to the girls' house.