Sunday, April 4, 2010

Protest Begins To Ease

At 9am today, Abhisit appeared on national TV to address the protesters. He said that dissolving the House would not solve the current political problem and many Thais are against it. He said his government respected their constituitional rights to demonstrate but stressed that gathering at the Ratchaprasong intersection and it vicinity which has affected businesse and the public was against the law liable to a jail term. He asked the Reds to return to their base which is at Phan Fa Bridge.
He reiterated the government has the responsibility to maintain order to safeguard the lives of the public but would not use harsh methods against them. He urged the p
Protesters to give their cooperation and leave the place.

( Abhisit as he appeared on TV this morning. He looked totally worn out, must be under tremendous pressure, he even looked like he wanted to cry. Feel sorry for this man, his only "mistake" is that he was appointed not elected )

On site, the authority using loud speakers spoke to the crowd at the Rachatprasong Intersection warning them that gathering there is an offence and they could be arrested if they defied the order to disperse.

After another round of negotiation between the police and the protesters, the Reds finally agreed to open up two roads leading to the intersection that they had occupied since yesterday morning but vowed to stay on at the intersection. Jatuporn one of the Reds' leaders told the crowd that the government would not dare to disperse or arrest them by force and told them not to be afraid and stay on. He said if Abhisit gave such order it would be like "cutting his own throat".

Meanwhile the government will seek a warrant from the court tomorrow to arrest the leaders of the protest

(Traffic congestion has eased up on some roads)

Anticipating the Reds to march to two other commercial hubs, Silom and Sathom, police have blocked roads leading to these areas. Any protesters either on foot or vehicles caught entering the area would be arrested. How in the latest development, seemed like the Reds have put on hold their plan to march to these areas and instead they would continue to stay at their present location. Meanwhile BMA have sent additional mobile toilets and a mall has also opened more toilets for the protesters.
To allay the anger of affected business owners, the Reds held discussion with them, highlighting that the protesters themselves could be their largest customers.

( Protesters shopping and enjoying themselves in the mall all by themselves because the mall was still closed to public )

The protest is no longer confined to Bangkok, it has slowly spreaded to overseas. A small group of Reds supporters held a protest in front of the Royal Thai Embassy in London today, asking for a new election to be held and condemning the government for threatening protesters of possible arrest.

More photos

Some medical staff on standby to provide first aids

Whereas can we find protesters like this but only in Thailand. They even helped to clean up the street

Thaksin is everywhere on T-shirts, mugs and even plastic hand fans

Whereas for a few Bath, protesters get to 'step' on the PM and his ministers

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