Sunday, April 18, 2010

Miss Thailand Universe 2010

Name : Fontip Watcharatrakul
Nick Name : Pook Look
Nationality : Thailand
Date Of Birth : 19th July 1990
Height : 170cm

Fontip who is a law student at a local university was crowned Miss Thailand Universe 2010 on March 20, 2010. She has keen interest in women rights issues as well as the treatment and problem of stray dogs in Thailand and aspires to be the first woman Prime Minister of Thailand. Later this year, she will represent Thailand in the Miss Universe pageant.

Name : Pimpawan Bunjongsiri
Nationality : Thailand
Date Of Birth : 1987
Height : 173cm

Pimpawan was placed as one of the runnersup in the recently concluded Miss Thailand Universe 2010. She is a pious Buddhist. When she was a little girl, her mother used to bring her to a temple near their house in Chummphon province to make merit and almost everyday, she gave alms to the monks passing by her house. She was later sent to America to further her studies. In America she meditated at home regularly and even invited her friends to join her in meditation sessions and often made merit at Wat Phra Dhammakaya in California participated actively in the temple's activities. Her religious upbringing has moulded her into a responsible and kind hearted woman. Last year, she won another pageant and she donated her prize money to an old folks home. She has recently graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from University of California. She says her life is moving on smoothly at the moment and she owes this to the merits she has been making since she was small.

Interview section. Fontip appeared last and Pimpawan was the 2nd girl.

Pimpawan was asked what she would do if one day she woke up in the morning and discovered that she has turned into a man. She answered that she wanted to be ordained as a monk to gain merit for her parents ( as a woman she is not able to do that ) Her answer drew loud applause from the audience.