Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sad Day For Bangkok

If the Twin Tower in New York was brought down by extremist terrorist, an icon building i Bangkok, Thailand was brought "down" by people who claim to love Thailand. This afternoon, the 2nd largest shopping mall in South East Asia, Central World Mall was destroyed by fire. Red protesters on rampage, set the iconic mall on fire and prevented firemen from going near the mall to put down the fire ( just my opinion. i think the authority was too "soft" with the protesters. The army could have easily rammed through whatever barricades the protesters put up and aim water canons at whoever was trying to be human shields ) Aside from the mall, another iconic shopping mall, Siam Paragon was looted and few other buildings including the Thai Stock Exchange building , banks were set on fire but managed to be put down. One of the leaders who surrendered said that his supporters would burn down the whole of Thailand. Besides burning buildings, more than 100 people ( soldiers, protesters, journalists ) have lost their lives and more than a thousand were injured. This is so sad. What irked me is that after what happen , both local and international Human Right groups are still saying that Thai government had violated Human Right laws. Human rights come with responsibilities. The "human rights" of Bangkok people to live peacefully have been taken away by the protesters for the past two months but these Human Right groups did not say a word on this. I am against killing but i think it's time the troops start shooting at any aggresive armed protesters. Only in Thailand we find almost no action taken against protesters for more than 2 months, troops "follow" the demand of protesters to withdraw from their area, government provide mobile toilets for the convenience of protesters, warrant of arrests issued but never executed eventhough the opportunities to do so are there and free transportation offer to protester who wish to return home.

* Latest news : Bangkok and 23 other provinces across in Thailand ( including the very touristy and known for it's night life, Pattaya ) are in curfew ( from 8pm to 6am )

( The Central Mall before being burnt down )

Today 4 leaders of the Red surrendered to the police but instead of getting better, the situation got worse because the protesters vowed to continue their mission. Leaderless now, they did what they liked. The authority has warned the public not to go near the burning mall as it was about to collapsed. Just take a look at this video, the giant mall ( not a house ) was left to burn without any effort to contain the fire and the protesters were clapping for that.

Just to share some interesting pics

( yesterday a group of protesters stage a naked protest right in the middle of Bangkok, i was suprised to see elderly ladies went partially topless in public and the men stripped to their underwear )

The real man behind the protest is former PM, Thaksin who provides instructions and finances the protest. When his supporters ( the reds ) were going violent, getting injured and even died fighting for his cause and putting Thailand in chaos, he was shopping at Louis Vutton, Champs Elysees in Paris on May 15. He must have been saying this in his heart " see, you take away my assets, this is what you get "

A few days ago, an award ceremony was held in Bangkok and a winning actor was heavily bashed ( not physically ) by people who support the reds, for his acceptance speech. This is his speech.