Monday, May 10, 2010

Buddhist Story - A Fortune Telling Snake

Once upon a time there was a well-known family whose surname was Fang. Everyone of the family was very kind, especially the old Madam Fang, who was a very compassionate and affable old lady. We can tell from her everyday life’‘s behaviour. She often reminded her maids,

"At home do not pour any boiling or hot water on the floor casually. This is because it may kill many ants or little insects on the floor. And if it flows through the drain it ispossible that it indirectly kill other small animals."

As for the normal activities in the house or courtyard, the old madam also raminded family members to pay attetion when they walked. Otherwise they could step on and kill little animals. In addition, she also told her grandchildren not to wilfully squeeze inserts that lived on the trees to death.

Everyone in her family follow her advice whole heartedly.
One day the old madam Fang’‘s son went to the capital city for business. When he came back he brought back an man-servant, hoping that the servant would help the old maiden to do some work. The old madam happily accepted him.

However that night she had a dream. In the dream a red snake told her,

"How’ are you old madam? Actually I am your neighbour, that is because I live in the cave of the back of your courtyard. Before i moved here, everyone casually pour the hot water and step on the ground without paying attention, so I cannot be at rest. However since I moved here, I have been very satisfied. This is due to your compassionate heart. Now to repay your kindess, I would like to tell your fortune within these few days ."

The red snake paused for a while, behaving like any other fortune-teller, it shaked its head and continued,

"The man-servant your son brought back is in fact a bandit. However, he will do no harm. Five days latter his father will come to see him. You can give them some tales of silver(money) and ask them to leave. Then everything will be fine."

Five days later, the man-servant’‘s father came as expected. The old madam acted very carefully. She did what the red snake had told her. After half a year, there was a case of robbery took place in the neingbouring county. Later it was found out that the robbers were the father and son. Upon hearing this, from then on the Fang family took even greater care of all the little animals.