Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Mother's True Love ( Part 1 )

Long long time ago, there was a couple who loved each other very much. The guy came from a rich and much respected family whereas the girl was an orphan but very beautiful, demure and kind hearted person. One day , the girl discovered that she was pregnant. As a responsible person, the guy proposed to the girl and brought her to meet his parents and as expected, his parents did not like her. They did not want the girl's poor background to tarnish their much respected family's name and wanted to match their son with another girl of their own choosing. However the guy insisted that he would marry the girl no matter what happened. The girl was helpless but the guy consoled her by telling her that he would never ever separate from her. The guy was a very filial son but due to his love for the girl, he argued and disregarded his parents request for the very first time ( in the old days, children were normally very filial to their parents )

A month had passed. After still failing to convince his parents to allow him to marry the girl, he decided to elope with the girl. He was willing to leave his parents , his wealth and everything to be with the girl he loved dearly. Unfortunately his parents came to know about his plan to elope and on the day he was supposed to leave the house, they locked him up in his room and asked their house guards to watch the room. The girl was waiting for him at a promised place and started to get worry when he failed to turn up. Then to her shock, instead of the guy she loved, his parents turned up. The parents reasoned with the girl about the difference in their social status and pleaded her to leave their only son. They told her that if she married their son, people would look down on her and their family's name would be tarnished and people would no longer respect their son. As a result the family business would also suffer and this would eventually caused a lot or problems in the family and her marriage. The parents offered the girl a large amount of money and asked her to abort the child she was carrying and not to see their son again. They asked her to use the money given to start her life afresh elsewhere. The girl cried but deep inside her heart she understood her low social status would eventually caused a lot of problems to the guy she loved. Finally much to the parents relieve, she agreed to leave him but she refused the money offered by the parents. She told the parents that she loved his son very much and not his money. Worried that their son would go searching for the girl after she left, the mother asked the girl to write a note for him, telling him that she decided to leave him on her own accord and asked him not to look for her again. The mother told the girl, " even though he would not be your husband but i am sure you want him to be a succesful and happy man ". With an heavy heart, the girl wrote the note. In the note, she told him that she decided to leave him for his own good and apologised to him that she was unable to fulfill her promise to stay with him forever and to face any obstacles that came along with him. She was very sad that she had to leave him. Tears started flowing out from her eyes and drenched the note she was holding in her hands. After handed the letter to the parents, she immediately left the place to go to a remote village.

Starting her new life in the village, she decided not to abort her child but to deliver him and raise him. Three years had passed, now the girl had become a mother. She worked very hard to raise her child. She worked as a housekeeper in the day and wash clothes for the families in her neighbourhood at night. Most of the time, she did all the work with her little son strapped on her back as there was no one to take care of him at home. Then one day when the child was about 3 years old, he fell sick, he got very high fever. She rushed him to a local doctor. The doctor told her that her son ought to be warded at his place for treatment and observation. She drained her life savings to pay for her son's medical bill but the amount was still not enough. She went around borrowing money from her kind neighbours and friends and finally got enough amount to get her son discharged. As she was about to bring her son back, the doctor sold her some herbs and asked her to boil the herbs with some meat for her son to drink. She bought the herbs but could not afford to buy any meat. She knew it was not possible to borrow money from her neighbours and friends anymore as the previous borrowings had not been paid.

At home, while her son was sleeping, she cried alone. She did not know what to do, she did not know how to get meat to boil the herbs for her precious son. The local butcher had earlier rejected her plea to pay for the meat at the end of the month when she received her pay. As she was crying, suddently she got an idea. She went to take a small bottle of alchohol , a kitchen knife and a piece of cloth. After cleaning the knife, she used it to cut a piece of flesh from her thigh. So as not to wake up her son, she tied a piece of cloth on her mouth. She groaned in great pain. Suddenly it rained heavily outside the house. The heavy rain drowned the noise and thus preventing the neighbours and especially her sleeping child from hearing his mother's groan. Seemed like the sky was touched and cried for her, cried for the sacrifice a mother made for her son.

( to be continued tomorrow )