Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Buddhist Personality : Karen Terzano

Karen Terzano is a 59 year old Zen Buddhist monk currently on a 740km walking journey from Maine to New York. She started her journey on August 1, from her home in Ellsworth and is expected to reach her final destination, a Zen center on Manhattan's Upper West Side by mid October. An experienced long distance hiker, Terzano carries with her a one person tent on her 29 pound pack.

On a typical day, she’ll start looking for a place to stay in the town she plans to reach. She’ll go to the municipal office or the police station or a nearby church to ask about potential places to stay or where it would be okay to pitch her tent.

Terzano, who is a naturalist, a psychologist and has been practicing Zen Buddhism since the late 1980s, explained that there were many of different things that all came together to inspire her to take this walk, but one in particular was having one of her friends die of a heart attack while they were walking El Camino de Santiago earlier this year.

You may follow her journey on her blog