Monday, September 27, 2010

A Thai Cinderella

Pornthip who is often referrred to as Thai Cinderella visited Thailand recently. Unlike previous which were official visits to carry out duties of her children's foundation, the Angels Wings Foundation, this visit was an all family affair. She was here together with her husband, American billionaire, Simon Herb, her son, Sean and her daughter, Sophie.

She shared with the public a little about her family during her visit there. She is a mother of five children, two of her own and another three ( 2 girls and a boy ) belonging to her late sister who died several years ago. The latest addition to her family is her daughter, Sophie. She laughed that Sophie is the only chubby member of the family.

These days aside from running her children foundation, she takes care of her children. She wakes up at 5.30 every morning to prepare breakfast for the family and to get her son ready for school. Her children are brought up in two cultures. Outside the house, the children are exposed to American way of life whereas at home, the family observe Thai / eastern cultures. She doesn't like her children to play outdoors but would invite their friends to play in her house. Each of her children ( except Sophie ) has to do certain house chores on certain days of the week.

On his son, Sean, she said that he was a lovable kid and he loved Thailand and spicy food. He knew that his mother was a former Miss Universe but didn't know what it meant. Sean wants to be a doctor. Pornthip said, she would allow his son to choose his own career path. Despite being the son of a billionaire, Sean was taught from early age that all the money do not belong to him but to his father and he had to work to earn his own money. Sean is also taught not to place importance on material wealth or money but family.

Porntip loves her family and wants other children especially the under privilged children to know that they are not born alone as there are always people out there who love them.

Her Angels Wings Foundation

It is very common for beauty pageant contestants to claim that they are involved in charity or social works but how many actually continue to do so after their reigns ? For Pornthip she has been doing this for more than 20 years and is still not slowing down.


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