Friday, September 10, 2010

Thai Peace Walk

A Thai peace walk that covered 1100km over the period of one and a half month was completed recently. The walk organised by Research Center For Peace Building of Mahidol University in collaboration with Inter-Religious Council For Peace In Southern Thailand was aimed to bring peace in southern Thailand that has been plagued with conflicts and violence and lost of 2400 lives since 2004.

The three objectives of the peace walk are

1. To urge all parties involved in the conflicts to negotiate and reconcile

2. To create awareness of Thai people in the region ,regardless of race and religion that they have to work together towards a peaceful ending

3. To create awareness of Thais all over the country to pay more attention and to build understanding of the problems in the south.

The walk started on July 11, 2010 from Mahidol University in Bangkok and ended on September 1, 2010 in southern town of Pattani. It was participated by a small group of volunteers consisting of both Buddhists and Muslims as well as monks.

During the entire duration of the walk, participants gave brief talks to the public at various stops and slept in temples and mosques at night. However during the fasting period of the Muslims which started on August 11, mosques were their regular place to stay overnight.