Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top Posts

I just discovered that blogger had introduced some new features recently and one of them was the statistics feature. This new feature which was introduced on September 1, 2010 allows bloggers to see the statistics of their blogs hits without having to add any 3rd party widgets.

Prior to this i didn't bother to check the statistics of this blog because this blog does not enjoy that many hits and moreover the hits tracker i am using has limited functions because it's a free version. So when blogger introduced this new function, i clicked and discovered some rather suprising results.

Here are the top 3 posts of this blog ( for the past 6 months )

No.1 Priya
( I have no idea why it has the most hits because she isn't the most popular actress in Thailand. The only reason i could think of is that it was referred by google image search due to some of her sexy photos )

No.2 Miss Tiffany Universe
( This one is not really a suprise because it's a beauty pageant of a different kind. People are familiar with Miss Universe but many actually have never heard of Miss Tiffany Universe, so perhaps they just clicked to check it out )

No.3 Limahl
( This is also a suprised result. Limahl is a singer from the 80s and definitely is not a popular one these days even in his home country, England ) I have no explanation on why it got the 3rd place ranking.